"LET IT GO" - Slav Simanic (2002)

Track List:

1. Holy, Holy, Holy
2. Let It Go
3. I'm Going Up Higher
4. Never Gonna Die
5. People Say
6. You
7. Promised Land
8. Can't Stop On A Dime
9. Disciples Of...
10. ...The Almighty
11. See The Light
12. The Fallen Angel
13. The Message Of Three Angels
14. Heaven Waits For You

01. Holy, Holy, Holy

Music by: Slav Simanic

Spoken Word:
"Holy, holy, holy, is The Lord God Almighty,
who was, and is, and is to come".

(Revelation 4:8)

"You are worthy, our Lord and God,
to receive glory, and honor and power,
for you created all things, and by Your will
they were created and have their being".

(Revelation 4:11)

02. Let It Go

Music by: Slav Simanic
Lyrics by: Slav Simanic and Alice Laukkanen

Some say I'm a freak with the long hair
That plays rock music
The others say that weirdo with the Bible
And he's gonna lose it

My friends say life is short man
You should enjoy it
My girl says she wants more
And she can not take it

But I heard the voice from the highest place
Saying life is just a different kind of race
Time to fight, time for all, hear the wake up call
He sees all and yet He says:

Let it go, let them call you names
And treat you bad
Let it go, if they don't hear my voice
They're already dead

Sometimes I doubt myself
And feel so discouraged
It's hard to find the path to walk
And feel the courage

I'm trying to walk in the Light
I've seen failure
Guide me down steps of life
Without waver

03. I'm Going Up Higher

Music by: Slav Simanic
Lyrics by: Ljubomir Simanic, Slav Simanic, and Stephen Hutchinson

In every tear I read the fear
Is connected with illusion
Till words strain, shrieking insane
Rolling in confusion

Wrapped in a silver cloud I start the journey
Such a feeling is never unmindful
As I enter the space facing the light
I'm very sure it's right

I'm going up higher

Hey man do you understand
This is called liberation
Follow me, in a quest for sanctuary
To the final evacuation

I'm on my way now
And never looking back
I'm almost home now
On the right track

04. Never Gonna Die

Music by: Slav Simanic
Lyrics by: Slav Simanic and Stephen Hutchinson

When you feel that you're all alone
And things in life just don't seem right
Don't you know you're far away from home?
The answer lies before your eyes

Long ago the sacrifice was made
His precious blood was shed to make us pure
He alone can take away your pain
In Him you'll find the only cure

Oh if you could only see
How much you mean to Me
It's the only path to take
Because you know

You're never gonna die

In Adam's fall eternal life was gone
And for all of this the plan was made
I gave to you My only Son
And for your life the price was paid

Now that you fully know the truth
It's time for you to finally make a stand
What more do you really need as proof
All you need to do is take My hand

05. People Say

Music by: Slav Simanic
Lyrics by: Ljubomir Simanic, Slav Simanic and Stephen Hutchinson

When she smiled she took my soul
Felt the heat saw open sky
My stomach turned upside down
On the loose was butterfly

Hey you, my naivete
Show me a piece of sympathy

Out of sight is out of mind people say
But my lonely heart dies every day

O can you hear, can you feel?
My chains of fire are still on
Try to find this burning life
I wasn't meant to be alone

Each time I think of you
Knowing you're far away
My heart calls out to you
This feeling is here to stay

06. You

Music by: Slav Simanic
Lyrics by: Slav Simanic and Stephen Hutchinson

You came along and You picked me up when I was so down
My heart is healed and You helped me get my feet on the ground

And now it's time for love to shine on through
And now it ain't no time for feeling blue

You touched my life and You set me free
Now I can see what I got to be

You changed my life and in my heart all things are new
How can I thank you now for all the things you do

07. Promised Land

Music by: Slav Simanic
Lyrics by: Slav Simanic and Alice Laukkanen

There is a song in my heart
He is the ruler of destiny
Lover of all mankind
Let all creation see

I see life on the other side
I see life on the other side

Be the truth the life
Oh we cling to You
End our tears and strife
Your comfort is always true

Take my hand
Take me to the Promised Land
Show me what no eyes have seen
Fill my life with joy and favor
Now and forever

As I stand before my mountain
Can You make the vision real
Wrote Your words upon my heart
Your love, strength and power heal

08. Can't Stop On A Dime

Music by: Slav Simanic
Lyrics by: Slav Simanic and Stephen Hutchinson

Hey do you know where you're going
Hey cause I know where you've been

I have walked down a similar road
I've been tempted along the way
I have gone where no man could go
Arose from death, on the third day

And when you're thinking it's over, you're all out of time
You race around at top speed, can't stop on a dime

Walk along beside me, I'm the only light
Choose the path that's narrow, make the choice that's right

Hey if you feel that you need me
Hey you should know that I'm here

09. Disciples Of...

Music by: Slav Simanic

10...The Almighty

Music by: Slav Simanic

11. See The Light

Music by: Slav Simanic
Lyrics by: Slav Simanic and Stephen Hutchinson

I never thought that it would be this way
My feelings used to change from day to day

And I don't know why
I thought I could get by
Give it another try

Ah, I'm beginning to see the light
Now that He's given me second sight
I'm beginning to see the light
And the future seems bright

All my life I have ran away
Run through the night, been afraid of the day

I wish I knew a way back then
What it is that I know now
If I could only show you my friend
So that you would know how

12. The Fallen Angel

Music by: Slav Simanic
Lyrics by: Ljubomir Simanic

Yet thou hast made him
Little less then a God
Crowning him with glory so bright
Honor and respect day and night

(Psalms 8:8)

Full of wisdom you were
In an Eden a garden of God
Adorned with gems of every kind
You walked proudly and shined

(Ezekiel 28: 12,13,14)

You were blameless
In all your ways
From the day of your birth you were right
Until your iniquity came to light

(Ezekiel 28: 15)

Your commerce grew so great
Lawlessness filled your heart
You went wrong screaming bad sound
That I flung you to the ground

(Ezekiel 28: 15)

Spoken Word:
So the great dragon
Was thrown down
That serpent of old
That led the world astray and cold

(Revelation 12:9)

Woe to you earth and sea
For the devil has come down
In fury and rage
Knowing time is short on his stage

(Revelation 12:12)

Worship The One and The Only God
Who gave to us His only Son
Who was despised by all man
Who died for us so we don't die

13. The Message Of Three Angels

Music by: Slav Simanic

Spoken Word:
"Fear God, and give glory to Him;
for the hour of His judgement is come:
and worship Him that made heaven, and earth,
and the sea and the fountains of waters"

(Revelation 14:7)

14. Heaven Waits For You

Music by: Slav Simanic
Lyrics by: Slav Simanic and Stephen Hutchinson

Woke up at 6, with the radio blaring
Another deadly attack in the news
World turns away, simply uncaring
Another war, disease without cure

A new day is dawning
Leave this world behind you
A new life is calling
Heaven waits for you

The fire keeps burning
Our hearts are learning the truth to be found
The fire keeps burning
As the world keeps turning spinning around

I went to work, put in a hard day
And it's a long, climb to the top
Feel like dropping, out of rat race
When is this madness, going to stop?

Spoken Word:
"...We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed
In a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet.
For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised
Imperishable and we will be changed. For the perishable
must clothe itself with the imperishable and the mortal with immortality...
But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory
through our Lord Jesus Christ".

(1 Corinthians 15:51-53, 57)

"WATER OF LIFE" - Slav Simanic (1998, 2000, 2002)

Track List:

1. Water Of Life
2. Born Again
3. The Lamb Of God
4. Days Of Ease
5. Hero
6. Passover
7. Living In Love
8. The Holy City
9. Resurrection Suite
10. Sudden Awakening
11. Forgiveness
12. Life Is A Highway

01. Water Of Life

Music by: Slav Simanic

02. Born Again

Music by: Slav Simanic

03. The Lamb Of God

Music by: Slav Simanic

04. Days Of Ease

Lyrics by: Ljubomir Simanic
Music by: Slav Simanic

Keep the heart stayed upon me
meditate upon my loving-kindness, all day
Lift the soul into the realm of peace
weep in sympathy with the World, all day

To every stricken soul
send them the voice of compassion
in such a mourning there is intermingled
no thought of self

Days of Ease, fall upon the years
Days of Ease, will have no place for tears

Consolation is what you seek
as you wrestle torn in hope, all day
To discern a new vividness and beauty
let me dwell in your heart, all day

05. Hero

Music by: Slav Simanic

06. Passover

Music by: Slav Simanic

07. Living In Love

Music by: Slav Simanic

08. The Holy City

Music by: Slav Simanic

09. Resurrection Suite

Music by: Slav Simanic

10. Sudden Awakening

Music by: Slav Simanic

11. Forgiveness

Music by: Slav Simanic

12. Life Is A Highway

Music by: Slav Simanic